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2 x Commonwealth games medalist, Numerous National Champion, 3 time world gold medalist and has had more than 18 National records, from which 8 are current.

He is one of only two people in Africa who has shot a perfect IFAA indoor score of 300/300 with 60/60x’s. He has a perfect FITA 30m round of 360/360 and also boasts in being the only person on the African continent to have shot a perfect 30m double record of 720/720.

In 2009 he has broken the 30m FITA World Record and has set the bar at 360/360 with 33/36 x’s. He has become part of the 1400 club by shooting a 1407 in Durban in 2009. Only a year after that he shot an astounding 1418 FITA round. Only 1 person in the world has ever shot higher than that score.

He broke the Hunter National Record in March 2010 by shooting a 556/560, with fellow Magnum Archery shooter Koos De Wet, who holds the same record by shooting the same score on the same day.

Seppie has an extensive knowledge on any archery inquiry you might have. Facilitating all Magnum Archery Academy courses, you are sure to learn something from him.

Seppie has successfully hunted a cape buffalo and Girrafe and has assisted many bow hunters in their preparations for big game hunts, like giraffe, elephant and hippo.


World Champion, National Champion, provincial champion, national colours, provincial colours, you say it, he’s got it.

He has numerous titles behind his name, but the most important is the more that 30 years experience that no one can buy.

You can get it for free, just go and see Dale. Dale is loved and known by all

. Always on the indoor and field shooting line, and always willing to assist other archers in need.

If you haven’t met Dale yet, you are missing out.

Call me on 011 393 6155 or
083 610 0630.


The Bow Guru. Johan is one of the Team members at Magnum Donkerhoek.

Too many of South Africas Protea archers trust Johan with their bow, and with good reason.

He will get it tuned to perfection! An avid hunter and target shooter, Johan enjoys the outdoor, riding his off – road motorcycle and he has a great passion for life.

A friendly and willing person, so don’t despair if your bow is giving you grey hair.

Contact me on 012 802 0628 or
083 567 2710.


I started working at Magnum Archery in May 2015. Seppie and Bradley, two of the best in the archery industry has been training and helping me with the art of bow tuning since I started.

Archery started as a hobby about 7 years ago and it progressively grew into competitive archery. I am very proud to say that I represented South Afirca twice as Protea archer at WIAC 2013 and 2015 in the IFAA Bowhunter Unlimited Shooting Style. I am also an avid bowhunter and enjoys the outdoors. New challenges for me in the future is to learn shooting in the freestyle devision.

Contact me on 082 900 5598 or
083 610 0582.

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Patrick is currently ranked #1 in SA as per National ranking. He has made a massive impact on South African archery, and has been part of the National team bringing back the hardware from international shoots. Not only is he a very capable archer, but the other archers on the line love his eagerness and input to help fellow archers get better. It is great to have someone give back so much to this wonderful sport.

Target Outdoor / Target Indoor / ABO / Hunting



2010 ABO national Champion and I won two of the three Triple Crown events (Still hold the record)

2011 Bronze SANAA Indoor nationals Individual

2012 Gold Medal SANAA outdoor national Championship North Gauteng team

2012 FITA indoor national champion

2012 FITA indoor championship gold medal (team)

2012 SANIFAA indoor National Champion

2013 SANIFAA Indoor National Champion

2013 Team Gold at outdoor national championships

2013 Bronze medal at the World Archery South African indoor championships

2014 SANIFAA indoor National Champion

2014 ABO Redding Champion

2014 Silver medal at the World Archery South African indoor championships

2014 Bronze medal at the ABO national championships

2014 Best of the Best winner IBO 3DI championships

Various Provincial Gold Medals


I am a member of the South African national Archery team since June 2012.

I represented South Africa at the 3rd leg of the Archery world cup in Ogden USA during June 2012

17th At the Archery World Cup in Ogden USA

I represented South Africa at the indoor world cup in Singapore in December 2012 where I finished 5th

I competed in the 3rd leg of the indoor world cup in Las Vegas in 2013 and qualified to compete in the world cup final where I came 6th

I represented South Africa at the Archery World cup leg 4 in Wroclaw Poland in August and ended 33rd individual. I won a Silver medal with the team.

At the world championships in Antalya Turkey in October I ended 9th individual and our team won a silver medal.

I represented SA at the indoor world Championships in Nimes France


Competed at the 3rd stage of the archery world cup in Nimes.

Competing in Las Vegas at the Vegas archery festival.

I will probably be in the South African team that will compete for the outdoor season and we will compete in Antalya and at the World Championships in Denmark.


I hold 9 National Records

Best World ranking 43

Best scores

IBO – 207

FITA round 144 arrow – 1398

FITA 720 round – 707 (706 Average for 2014 no 1 in SA)

FITA indoor round – 594 (592 Average for 2014 no 1 in SA)

SANIFAA indoor round – 300 with 60X

Redding Shoot 437/440


My Equipment


Bow Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34 70lbs

Arrows Easton Hexx

Release Carter Quickie

Sight Truglo



Bow: Hoyt Podium X 37”

Arrows: Indoor Easton 2315

Outdoor Easton X10 Pro tour

Release Truball Honey badger claw and Carter Quickie.


Jeanine is the 2015 Nimes Indoor Champion. She recently became the first lady to have shot a 1400 in Africa as a senior. We are glad to have her as part of our team.

“I started my tournament career by shooting in the African Chapter (ABO) of the IBO, then IFAA Indoor and Field events. After many successes and a World Record, I made the transition to SANAA (World Archery/FITA). In my first season (2012/13) I made the South African Team twice (World Cup Stage 4, Poland and World Cup Finals, Turkey). I also qualified for the Team participating in the Indoor World Cup 2014 were I finished with an individual 4th place and a Team Bronze Medal.

I recently qualified for the team going to Nimes January 2015. At our 2015 WA Indoor Nationals this year I won gold and shot a new Word Record in the eliminations.”


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