Hoyt's Seppie Cilliers ties second highest score in history

Vantage Elite does it again

90M 349, 70M 351, 50M 358, 30M 360, Total: 1418

That’s a scorecard of dreams for most shooters- but now, Seppie Cilliers joins Hoyt teammate and World Record Holder Peter Elzinga as the only other person ever to shoot a 1418 score in sanctioned FITA STAR competition.

Seppie posted the huge 1418 FITA score in the Claudette Shiers Championship STAR FITA competition in Durban, South Africa this past weekend.   Seppie’s choice of Hoyt bows is the Vantage Elite, equipped with Spiral-X cams.  It’s the same bow he used to set his current FITA World Record of 360/33X at 30 meters.  Seppie also tied Peter’s 50M World Record with his 358.

Peter and Seppie are the only shooters ever to post an official 1418, and Peter still holds the FITA World Record of 1419.

Congratulations Seppie, from all your friends at Hoyt!

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