1404. Another 1400+ score for South African Archer.

The tropical weather of Durban can sometimes be harsh. But during the July months, it is a great month to shoot tournaments at Kings Park Archery Club (KPAC).

KPAC is a range that is known to deliver great score, bragging with most of the National records being shot at this range.

This July, Seppie Cilliers shot his 3rd 1400+ score, bragging with the highest 1400 average of any African archer. THis was his 3rd 1400+ score, and his 3rd one at KPAC in July.

His first score was a 1407. This was a good round, seeing that the 1400 score was not shot by many archers. He had a clinical round up to 50m, with 7 points " in the bag" going into 30m. 

Needing to clean the 30m round with a score of 360 to shoot 1407, he ended up shooting a 360 with 33X's, breaking the World record.

The following year at KPAC, in July, he shot an impressive 1418, with a 349 at 90m, 351 at 70m, 358 at 50m and a 360 at 30m.

The following years the 1440 format was changed to the 720 round at 50m, and the opportunity to shoot the 1440 round was very limited.

This year, Seppie returned to KPAC to shoot the 1440 round the weekend of 9, 10 July. The Saturday was a windy affair, and he only managed a 1377, with his closest rival shooting a 1350.

THe Sunday proved to be different. The day was morning was mild, and the slight breeze was gentle. 

Starting with a 343 at 90m, the day looked to deliver a good score if the weather behaved. The scores followed with 70m - 352, 50m - 349 and 30m a clean 360. Allowing Seppie to shoot his 3rd 1400+ score. His average of 1400+ scores are 1409.66 ave.

Congratulations Seppie, on a solid performance!

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