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Helix Ultra
Target colors: R20 500
When Hoyt release a premier hunting bow onto the market, it is sure to be a true marvel from their meticulous engineering team.
When designing a bow from the ground up, Hoyt strives to build in solutions to all scenarios so the final product is at the forefront of compound bow technology.
The Helix is built on Hoyt's proven Tec Bar design incorporating features such as the Perfect Balance Stabilisation System and Silent Shelf Technology, the machined aircraft grade aluminium Helix sets the pace for a lightweight, durable aluminium riser design.
Evolving from its recent predecessor in the HyperForce, the Helix is the next leap forward in aluminium bows from Hoyt.
Year after year, Hoyt sets the bar higher and higher with its unprecedented and unmatched level of quality.
Hoyt limbs are built with exceptional craftsmanship and the absolute best materials. The Helix limb configuration in its wider stance paired with Zero Tolerance Bi-Ax limb pockets provides the ultimate in torsional stability.
Efficient, smooth drawing, fast cams are at the heart of this premier hunting bow.
The Zero Torque (ZT) Pro Cam is the fastest, highest let off cam Hoyt has ever produced. With two options of either 85% or 80%, the ZT Pro Cam can be configured for your needs.
For the ultimate ease of adjustability, this cam features a rotating draw length module with a locating pin that locks in securely. This system also has the convenience of not requiring the modules to be completely removed for adjustments and can be done without the need of a bow press.
The ZT Pro Cam continues on from the ZT Hyper Cam, by utilising the split cable system with dual buss cable tracks terminating at the bottom cam, eliminating bottom cam lean and the need for a flexible cable guard system.
The top cam has not been left out of the equation either! As always, with a Cam and a Half system, there is a yoke attached to either side of the top limb which can be altered in length by twisting to adjust top cam lean. This can lead to one side of the yoke being significantly more twisted than the other and under a different load to the opposing side.
The ZT Pro Cam employs two different sized tear drop shaped anchors at either side of the limb to allow an even twist ratio in each yoke leg, reducing any chance of unwanted stretch.
Fuse custom strings constructed from BCY X material are the most stable Hoyt has ever produced.
There is no need for a bow press when installing a drop away rest due to the cable system make up. This feature provides convenience for the pro shop and home bow mechanic alike.
At full draw, the Helix combination of QuadFlex limbs and the ZT Pro Cam create a longer axle to axle which allows for better head position and a more stable shooting platform.
Each Helix bow utilises a lower grip location in the riser. Its purpose is to keep the centre of mass at the grip for perfect balance, a new feature known as Optimised Weight Distribution. Previously, bows with this hand grip geometry have been top heavy in feel and unbalanced. This was simply not acceptable for the meticulous team of engineers at Hoyt. When designing the Helix, Hoyt combatted this issue by incorporating an asymmetrical wider stance limb pocket design spanning 3.1" at the bottom of the riser compared to 2.6" at the top. Hoyt has located the new Custom Tune Grip in this riser position for optimised tuning and arrow delivery, giving you one of Hoyt's most tunable bows to date.
Hand shock, residual vibration and excess noise are not issues with this bow. The Hoyt Shock Pod vibration damping system in conjunction with Limb Shox hushes all, for the whisper quiet shot hunters demand.
Bow mass weight is always taken into consideration when building your ultimate hunting rig. Weighing in at just 4.3 pounds on the scales, the Helix is the lightweight aluminium hunting bow from Hoyt that you need when taking into the bush this year.
As part of your bow purchase, you receive a Hoyt promo kit comprising
• An 18 page Owner"s Manual
• Hoyt Decal
• Warranty Registration Card
• Hoyt Wrist Band
• Hoyt Cap
Specs at a glance
• ATA Speed 342fps
• Weight range 30-40lbs, 40-50lbs, 50-60lbs, 55-65lbs, 60-70lbs, 70-80lbs. Please specify weight required
• Draw length range Cam 2: 25"-28" and Cam 3: 27"-30" in half inch increments. Please specify draw length
• Brace height 6"
• Axle to Axle 30.5"
• Mass weight 4.3lbs
• Let-Off 85% and 80%. Please specify Let-Off
• Zero Torque Pro Cam
• CNC Machined Aluminium Riser
• .75" wide Quad Flex Limb technology
• Parallel split limb technology
• Multi-layer limb lamination
• Zero Torque Cable Guard system
• Bi-Ax Limb Pocket system
• In-line roller cable guard
• Perfect balance stabilisation system
• Silent shelf technology
• Custom Tune Grip
• FUSE Strings and Cables
• Available in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH


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