Seppie Cilliers

2 x Commonwealth games medalist, Numerous National Champion, 3 time world gold medalist and has had more than 18 National records, from which 8 are current.

He is one of only two people in Africa who has shot a perfect IFAA indoor score of 300/300 with 60/60x's. He has a perfect FITA 30m round of 360/360 and also boasts in being the only person on the African continent to have shot a perfect 30m double record of 720/720.

In 2009 he has broken the 30m FITA World Record and has set the bar at 360/360 with 33/36 x's. He has become part of the 1400 club by shooting a 1407 in Durban in 2009. Only a year after that he shot an astounding 1418 FITA round. Only 1 person in the world has ever shot higher than that score. 

He broke the Hunter National Record in March 2010 by shooting a 556/560, with fellow Magnum Archery shooter Koos De Wet, who holds the same record by shooting the same score on the same day. 

Seppie has an extensive knowledge on any archery inquiry you might have. Facilitating all Magnum Archery Academy courses, you are sure to learn something from him.

Seppie has successfully hunted a cape buffalo and Girrafe and has assisted many bow hunters in their preparations for big game hunts, like giraffe, elephant and hippo.

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